Protest Marshal Training

Video of protest marshal training by Jamie Bauer. Useful for protesters as well as volunteer marshals, know what your rights are and what to expect. Jamie draws on their long experience, including ACT UP and Rise and Resist, to bring to life the does and don’t of marshaling, handling counter-protesters, liaising with police, directing crowds on marches, and more.

Presenters: Jamie Bauer, Wrolf Courtney, Christina Beuno
ASL Interpretation: Elizabeth Lucarelli
Videographer/Editor: Owen Crowley
Producer: Wrolf Courtney


Network engineer by day, activist by night, and I try my best to have some fun along the way.

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  1. Judith ackerman says:

    I am a Raging Granny and we would like to sing for today’s demo. Who should we contact?

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