Road Trips and Resistance Blog

Memories of a Time That Will Be

My trusty phone just reminded me that it’s time to leave to see Aïda at the Met at 8.

I programmed in my entire season of opera when I booked my build-a-season tickets, pre-COVID. I haven’t deleted them, for just a few seconds I can remember another, better world.

Towards Becoming a Photographer

I never intended to become a protest photographer. I rarely expressed artistic creativity in my youth. I was so focused on math and sciences, always seeking the inner beauty and surety of mental constructs...

Brotherly Love

My brother and I shared a special bond, perhaps as close as twins, though we were one year apart. I was the supposedly more responsible one, but in reality we were a dynamic duo,...

Death of a Brother

“Looking back, it is all frozen in time. It happened. It is always happening. If I lose myself, it never happened. But I cannot stay lost forever.”

Seeking Mastery

A friend accused me of being a risk seeker.

It wasn’t really an accusation, just an observation. She had read me describe the experience of doing aerobatics in a small plane. Skydiving. Wreck diving in the Canadian wilderness.

Banner Making

An alternative to having a banner printed professionally is to make it yourselves. Plural intended, this is a group activity. Weed barrier fabric and white duct tape gives a home made quality,

Eternity in the Wilderness

It was August of 1993, well remembered as the year before my first child was born. After a conference in Toronto, I headed north west. Surprisingly quickly, I left the city and suburbs of...

Rollercoasters Are Tame

Every year I go on the Cyclone in Coney Island, squeezing my corpulent frame behind the seat’s safety bar, rattling around through the wooden beams. It was built in 1927, and even with refurbishment...

Do You Want to Dance?

If you want to dance, you have to pretend to be confident and just ask her. I was at the after party for the Lady Parts Justice League 2nd Annual Golden Probe Awards, awarded...