Category: Activism

Since the 2016 election, I have become heavily involved in Trump protests and activism. Here are some of my stories.

Banner Making

An alternative to having a banner printed professionally is to make it yourselves. Plural intended, this is a group activity. Weed barrier fabric and white duct tape gives a home made quality,

Principles of Demonstrating

Rise and Resist is a direct action group that frequently exercises First Amendment rights by protesting in New York City. Here are our principles of non-violent demonstrating.

Printing for Activists

Graphics and the written word have been important to activism since time immemorial. Much surviving graffiti from the Roman era (yes, the Romans had graffiti artists) dealt with politics. As always, the Lesbian Avengers...

Protest Marshal Training

Video of protest marshal training by Jamie Bauer. Useful for protesters as well as volunteer marshals, know what your rights are and what to expect. Jamie draws on their long experience, including ACT UP...


I called a friend who does not identify on the binary gender spectrum “she”, not “they”, and was rightfully called out for it. It was impolite, and politeness is important to me. That is...

Patricia Okoumou Climbs the Statue of Liberty July 4th

Patricia and Me

A few months ago I was spending my Wednesday evening as usual at the action committee of Rise and Resist, the New York City direct action group which I have spent so much time...

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

From Gene Sharp’s book Politics of Nonviolent Action by way of the Albert Einstein Institution. Sharp carefully catalogs protests into 198 methods of non-violent action. Remarkably little has changed – Twitter campaigns are an...