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Network engineer by day, activist by night, and I try my best to have some fun along the way.

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  1. Mike says:

    I was also taught by Viv, at Boston College. I still to this day use his approach to intro, body, and conclusion that you described. Did he have you starting your introduction with a wuote?

    Speaking of quotes, Viv used to love an aphorism. “When one Englishman opens his mouth to speak, he makes another Englishman despise him”, which he attributed to Grorgd Bernard Shaw.

    I was in touch with Viv again a few years back, via Facebook, but he’s now dropped from view

  2. Wrolf says:

    No, absolutely no quotes with Viv. I assume they were not relevant to O level history. He was laser focused on getting us one O level, history, and I think that teaching us to write was his way of getting us the grade. My memory of the class is that we spent pretty much all the time writing practice answers, so we had a bunch of potential bullet paragraphs that we would regurgitate and tailor to the question, and write our own summary and conclusion. The lecture stuff was enough we could understand the question, write good summary and conclusion, and choose which sample paragraph, which order was most important, and which was first, and to modify the sample paragraphs.
    Result, I got a history O with a B at 14. I think I had a total of 9 by 15, and so I moved on to A levels. He ditched the previous year on the social history course, offically stated by Viv because when he ran the numbers students had a better chance on the traditional course. As I remember the previous year was pretty much useless anyway, the mother of all disciplne problems from kids who quite literally worked to disrupt classes and taunt and terrorize kids. One of these recently joined the FB group, and his writing was at approximately that of a stereotypical 7 year old. He spent a few days attacking the individuals he used to successfully bully but who now just ignored him. I assume that the reason that he was not in the class anymore was that he was left behind a year, qne this Viv’s formidable powers of leadership and the promise that if you do this you will get an O level were the magic sauce.

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