[Prof. Cadbury] Urges Good Will by Jews for Nazis (1934)

It will gain more than hate.

Wernersville, Pa. June 14, New York Times.— Good will, not hate or reprisals, will end, or offset, the evils of the Hitler government’s persecution of Jews, Professor Henry J. Cadbury, Professor of Biblical Literature at Bryn Mawr College, told the Central Conference of American Rabbis as it opened its convention here today.

Professor Cadbury is chairman of the service committee, American Society of Friend.

“Oppression of Jews in Germany by Hitler and his Nazi forces can be ended not by hate that their victims may display, or by attempts to fight back,” he said, “but by efforts to cultivate good will.

“You can prover to your oppressors that their objectives and methods are not only wrong, but unavailing in the face of the world’s protests and universal disapproval of the injustices thee Hitler program entails.

Urges appeal to Justice

“By hating Hitler and trying to fight back, Jews are only increasing the severity of his policies against them.

“If Jews throughout the world try to instill into the minds of Hitler and his supporters recognition of the ideals for which the race stands, and if Jews appeal to the German sense of justice and the German national conscience, I am sure the problem will be solved more effectively and earlier than otherwise.”

Professor Cadbury declared “it is the duty of Christians the world over to help right the injustices wrought by the Nazis.”

“Every God-believing Christian, in any nation,” he said, “should join in trying to atone for the wrongs done the Jewish people, if only for the sake of their own Christian beliefs and Christian doctrines of universal goodwill and brotherhood.”

The boycott against Germany, he asserted, is not an effective means of meeting the evil.

“Boycotts are simply war without bloodshed,” he said, “and war in any form is not the way to right the wrongs being inflicted on the Jewish people.”

New York Times June 15th, 1934


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