Date: Tue, 05 Sep 1995 19:32:17 EDT
Subject: Re: Flames

        Mark, regarding your insults to Volker, let me 
set you straight. First, Voker is either THE strongest,
or one of the strongest divers I have ever seen. He is
so good that if I could persuade him to cave dive,
I would do ANY dive with him right now for his opening
     Second, I know none of you wreck divers have ever
heard of me - that is not important, that is not what I'm
in it for. If you guys want to find out what I do, I suggest
you ask around, get the facts, and then try it youself-
then you can badmouth me.
     The fact is that I have done things that most people
will never do, and I am willing to share the results of my
experience to help others. The problem is, that everytime 
I do, there is some hurt  littlle weenie like that clown "S.F."
whose's ox is gored that feels they must  run out and
    People who dive litttle nitrox pony bottle as  combination
bailouts and deco gas are one thing, people stupid enought to admit
it on here are quite another. This is the  kind of ridiculous ,
dangerous crap that I will continue to blast when I see it in as
undiplomatic a fashion as I possible can. We have people like 
"S.F." who are buffoons offering bad advice while criticising
diving and people they know nothing aboutand  lack the ability or
experience to perfom. To top it off, they don't even have the balls
to sign their name to their comments.
    - George Irvine